I would be honored if you would endorse my candidacy for Town Council.

Email me at Kerry@kerryhillis.com to add your name to the list.

Sierra Club

League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay

Candace Andersen
Contra Costa County Supervisor, District 2
Stan Berezhanskiy
Moraga Resident
Lena Braginsky
Physician, Moraga Resident
May Lin
Physician, Former Via Moraga Board Member,
Moraga Resident

Brenda Luster
Vice Chair, Moraga Planning Commission
Mike McCluer
Former Moraga Mayor (2021)
Maridel Moulton
Former Moraga School District Governing Board President
Anna Rief
Physician, Moraga Resident
Ariel Rief
Defense Attorney, Moraga Resident
Jennifer Speckman
Moraga Resident
Jeremy Speckman
Moraga Resident
David Trotter
Attorney, Former Moraga Mayor (2009, 2013, 2018)
Debbie Trotter
Moraga Resident
Roger Wykle
Former Moraga Mayor (2015, 2019)

Thank You!